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Awaken the Scholar Within Spelling Help Program

Dyslexia?   ADHD?   Learning Disabilities?  Auditory Processing Disorder? Autistic Spectrum?

This ASW Spelling Program is specifically designed to improve spelling while improving the learning skills that are making spelling difficult for your child.

spelling help, spelling patterns, spelling rules

  • Is your child struggling every week with their spelling lists?
  • Do you get frustrated trying to help them with their spelling assignments?
  • Does your child apply the spelling they have learned to actual writing assignments?
  • Does your child have to memorize a bunch of spelling rules?
  • Do you wonder if there is an easy way to help your child remember how to spell?

I get calls weekly from parents that are frustrated because their child is struggling with spelling. Not only is their child failing every spelling test, their spelling is also a mess in their other assignments which they get downgraded for.

You know what it’s like, each week your child comes home from school and has to get ready for another spelling test. You quiz them on the words, because that is what your parents did when you were learning. You might even have your kids write their spelling words down a few times to help them remember them. And often they come home upset because they didn’t do well on the spelling test. I know, I’ve lived it! Every week when my daughter was in the first grade she’d come home, walk in the door, run to her room and burst into tears…all because she didn’t do well on the spelling test. This was painful to watch! She needed spelling help badly, and not just memorizing a bunch of spelling rules!

So, here I’m am, a learning specialist and my own daughter is struggling every week with spelling. She desparately needed spelling help and all I knew at that point was to have her write her spelling words 5 times each every day. So I started doing research into spelling, and while I was doing the research my daughter struggled. In fact one of her teachers said she wasn’t smart and didn’t expect much out of her because she didn’t spell well.

Eventually, after years of study, years of research, years of trying every method possible to teach spelling, I have figured out the mystery to spelling. And I can now say, spelling DOESN’T have to be so HARD! There is a reason you or your child struggles with spelling. There is a reason you or your child needs help with spelling! We learn by hearing, seeing, and doing and there are 9 subcategories of perception in each of those ways we learn. I used that knowledge and incorporated 22 of the 27 areas of learning into the Awaken the Scholar Within Spelling Program so as you are going through the audio and video lessons you are improving those learning skills too. And, it only takes minutes a day!

One of the best parts of this is that I found that kids don’t need to memorize a bunch of spelling rules. We only put letters together 8 ways to make words, so kids just learn the 8 spelling patterns and spelling is so-o-o much easier!

What Parents Say About the ASW Spelling Program:

“My son can actually spell better than his dad now!”  Ann B

“Thanks so much for making it so easy for my daughter to spell!”  Tricia M

“I never knew spelling could be so easy! The audio and video lessons make it so easy. I’m so glad I did this!”  Bill E

spelling patterns*  Cut spelling test study time in half
*  Get better spelling test grades
*  Apply what you learn to thousands of words
*  Address the root cause of spelling problems
*  Raise spelling scores easily
*  Write spelling words correctly in your assignments
*  Correct spelling problems forever with proven brain-based technique

Sleep soundly knowing your child is improving their spelling skills in just minutes a day. More importantly your child is learning lifelong spelling skills that they will use the rest of their life!

Improves Spelling Skills and Addresses the Underlying Root Cause of Spelling Problems!

What if you could get spelling help in the comfort of your own home? What if you could learn the 8 spelling patterns, the 8 ways we put letters together to make words? What if you could actually address the underlying root cause of the spelling problems at home without memorizing a bunch of spelling rules? This is exactly what I’ve done. There is a way to make spelling easy.

Most spelling problems are caused by either visual processing problems or auditory processing problems. This course addresses both!

  • *  Improves spelling skills
  • *  Improves reading skills
  • *  Improves visual skills
  • *  Improves auditory skills

Now your child will spell their homework assignments correctly. You will know what words they are writing because they are spelled correctly. Their teachers will think highly of them, feeling they are one of the smart ones in the class because they don’t have spelling errors.

spelling rules

The Awaken the Scholar Within Spelling Program is specifically designed for struggling students of all ages by learning disabilities specialist and board certified educational therapist with over 35 years experience changing the lives of thousands of students worldwide.

spelling help, help for spelling, spelling patterns

Total program includes over 50 spelling help audio and video lessons for only $197.00

(Books valued at $70.00 Audio & Video Lessons valued at $1,200; Total Value is $1270.00)

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  • *  Over 50 video and/or audio  spelling lessons by America’s Leading Learning Specialist
  • *  Puzzles that make spelling time fun time
  • *  Step-by-step lessons in the 8 spelling patterns
  • *  Spelling Application Lessons where you learn to spell thousands of words
  • *  Making Spelling Sense (print & digital book)
  • *  Making Spelling Sense II (digital book)

In just a few WEEKS your child will show HUGE IMPROVEMENT in spelling skills as well as having their SELF CONFIDENCE soar!

Typically see improvement in spelling skills within 2 weeks!

spelling help, help for spelling, learning spelling, dyslexia help

Total program is only $197.00

(Books valued at $70.00 Audio & Video Lessons valued at $1,200; Total Value is $1270.00)

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