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Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills
Writing Graphic Organizers

“Let me talk about Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills and let me admit my own folly. I read the title and thought, “We don’t need this.” See, we are kind-of laid back homeschoolers. Definitely not the “recreate school at home” sort. And “study skills” just smacks of school or at least a school like approach. Boy, was I wrong. Instead, it has a TON of easy to use forms that students can fill out to aid in reading comprehension. They are short, and they are…well…fun. And there are a myriad of forms across the grade levels to challenge the students to look deeper and deeper. They aid in comprehension, and train students to develop better “study skills”, which really equates to better retention of what they read. Thanks so much for the easy to use helps!”

Marie F., CO


“The graphic organizers in Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills are so great, especially for my dyslexic daughter who has a hard time organizing her thoughts. Getting herself from point A to point B. She has to have a plan of attack and take the steps to get to her final destination. This book made all the difference!”

Nikki M. MN

10 Minutes to Better Study Skills is a wonderful resource that is full of printable forms for you and your student to use. There are book report forms; compare and contrast forms; note taking for textbook users; letter writing forms; planning schedules…and many more. So far we have used the letter writing forms, comparing forms and the book report forms. I like the variety of book report forms that they offer…I have a variety of ages/grades so these have come in handy because they have easy forms for the younger ones and more detailed ones for the older kids. These forms are a great help in training students to develop better study and organizational skills.”

Beth C., FL

Graphic Organizers Improve Study Skills

  • Write more interesting sentences
  • Learn the steps of the writing process
  • Write clear and understandable paragraphs and essays
  • Make good word choices and improve your vocabulary
  • Write a bibliography/works cited
  • Write the four basic essays

Learning Writing With 10-minute Graphic Organizer Exercises

Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills™ makes the information we have read or acquired easy to use. These graphic organizer study forms, tips, and methods are supported by the National Reading Panel.

Specially Designed Graphic Organizer Forms Improve 18 Areas of Learning Including:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Sentence Writing
  3. Note-taking Skills
  4. Paragraph Writing Skills

Improve Perception Skills Including:

  1. Visual Memory
  2. Visual Tracking
  3. Visual Closure
  4. Sensory Motor

Learning Writing Is Easy with Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills

Spiral-bound workbook features:

  • Quick, practical 10-minute graphic organizer exercises
  • Reproducible activities with graphic organizers
  • Tips to help students organize information, take notes, make comparisons and write essays
  • Includes reproducible planning calenders, test taking tips, research paper organizers and much more!

Students will soon be on their way to higher test scores and improved writing skills

Learn the Secrets that will change your child’s attitude about writing and studying with using a graphic organizer.

Is your child overwhelmed by writing? Are you stressed out helping with writing assignments? Are you tired of the procrastination?




Imagine Your Child using a Specially Designed Graphic Organizer and Becoming

  • Stress free completing their writing assignments
  • Completing homework in less time and creating more family time
  • Using the 5 Easy Steps to Studying
  • Using the Step-by-Step Secrets to Paragraph and Essay Writing

I’ve been teaching students from 1st grade through high school and even adults over the last 35 years. When I designed these graphic organizer forms, I designed them with those grades in mind. So my 1st and 2nd graders use some of the graphic organizer fill-in-the-blank forms, my 3rd – 5th graders use more of them, and my 6th and above students use all of the graphic organizer forms.

Recent research has shown that students can be taught “how to learn”. Strategies used in Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills™ focus on how to learn and how to effectively use what has been learned.

Read the research on Learning Memory and the Brain

Imagine how confident your child will be when they can:

  • Write quality rough drafts in 10 minutes.
  • Cut their studying time down with the 5 steps to easy studying.
  • Use the 7 secret steps to take on test day that will improve their test scores.
  • Reduce their homework time and regain family/free time.

With these quick, practical 10-minute exercises, your child will soon be on their way to higher test scores, improved writing skills and more! Spiral-bound workbook features reproducible activities and tips to help students organize information, take notes, make comparisons, and write essays. Includes reproducible planning calendars, test taking tips, research paper organizers and much, much, more! Don’t let another day, week, or month go by. Your child doesn’t need to struggle any longer! You don’t need to have a battle of wills over writing assignments any more! Your days and evenings are too short to spend so much time filled with stress. Your child can learn to become a proficient writer.


As with all Bonnie Terry Learning Products, Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills comes with a 60 Day Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee.



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